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We’ve spent years cracking the compliance and profitability code for CBD/Hemp, Psychedelic Therapy, Adaptogen, and Nutraceutical social advertising. All of our unique strategies are fully compliant with Meta, Google, and TikTok’s latest policies, and directly supported by our senior support reps at each platform. We are on the bleeding edge of what is possible and are constantly innovating for the top brands in these industries.

Reach New Highs with Direct Facebook Support

We have the highest level of dedicated Meta, Google, and TikTok support for our agency. This allows us to quickly resolve the challenges traditionally associated with CBD/Hemp, Psychedelic Therapy, Adaptogen, and Nutraceutical advertising; thus, we keep your ads live and converting.

No More Hiding or Pretending

Our Ads Literally Say CBD, Ketamine, Psychedelic, Lions Mane, or whatever it is you’re trying to advertise. By following platform policy specifically and exactly, we are able to run ads that actually use the words you want to use in your ads, creatives, and landing pages.

World-Class Advertisers, Strategists, and Designers

Collectively, our team has over $1,000,000,000 in ad spend under our belts across the leading social platforms. We work diligently, collaboratively, and effectively between each other and within your organization to profitably scale in record time while placing a mindful focus on attribution and effective reporting. In short, we’re with you every step of the way!


Our Industry-Leading Investors

We are always on the verge of advertising and content creation for brands. We follow specific compliance guidelines for creating ads,  while also pushing forward unique creative choices.

We actually understand the impact you’re making (we’re doing the same here) and we are positive we can further your mission. This has given us the privilege of working with the leading brands in the industry. Below you will find the “investors” (clients) we have partnered with to amplify their revenue through new customer acquisition via social advertising. We look forward to adding you to this list!


Facebook & Instagram

$7,500 monthly

or 15% of ad budget spend (whichever is higher)

Google & Youtube

$5,000 monthly

or 15% of ad budget spend (whichever is higher)


$5,000 monthly

or 15% of ad budget spend (whichever is higher)


$2,500 a month

Consistent flow of new ad creative and copy to help us achieve profitability at scale.

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