Compliant Facebook Ads for CBD & Cannabis Brands... Really.

We Love Our WOrk

It’s Possible & Profitable

Compliant, Sustainable, and Profitable Ads

Our team worked to crack the code on CBD/Cannabis Facebook & Instagram advertising for over 2 years. We’ve worked meticulously to ensure all our strategies are fully white-hat and compliant with Facebook’s latest policies. This allows us to keep your account from being shut down incorrectly; thus, with enough creative testing, we can achieve profitability quickly.

Our Ads Literally Say CBD

We follow specific compliance guidelines that allow all of our ads to use the language “CBD” and “hemp” within the actual ads and landing pages.

Reach New Highs With Direct Facebook Support

We have dedicated Facebook support for our agency, which allows us to quickly resolve the challenges traditionally associated with CBD and Cannabis advertising, thus keeping your ads live and converting.



Creative & Advertising

$10,000 a month
or 15% of ad budget spend (whichever is higher)

We create content and manage ads

Ready for the Next Level?

We are Lucyd

Forward Thinking Creative Agency

We are always on the verge of advertising and content creation for brands. We follow specific compliance guidelines for creating ads, while also pushing forward unique creative choices.